Shot in the Dark is a live music session that brings together members of the Ottawa music community to produce high quality video and photography content for the web. At its core, Shot in the Dark’s goal is to generate excitement locally and and nationally. A joint project between the Gallery Recording Studio and JustPixl Media Solutions Inc, Shot in the Dark has already helped artist gain international notoriety.

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TWITTER - @shotinthedarkOT

Gallery Recording Studio - http://www.galleryrecording.com
JustPixl - http://www.justpixl.com

Video Team
Director/DOP - Jonathan Kischel (JustPixl)
B-Cam Op - Andrew McManaman
Camera Assistant - Mark McGovern

Audio Team
Mix/Recording - Dean Watson (Gallery Recording Studio)
Recording Assistants - Mike Giamberardino, Jeff Watkins

Set Photographer - Brandon McCarrell
Categories: Live Footage
In this Video Artist(s) Moonfruits
Posted: Apr. 11, 2018