Groove It, Tomo Vranjes, © July 2013

I don't really like my vocals in this song as I don't have a very good rock 'n roll voice; in my head, I imagine Steven Tyler singing this one. So, if anyone knows Steven Tyler, can you tell him I have a favour to ask. I wrote this song just because I wanted to write a heavy guitar driven rock song. Then, when I put images to it, it became a song with an unsettling message. I don't have a problem with people who want to do a little nip and tuck to correct something they don't like, but, when people start mutilating themselves for the sake a "fashion", I think they represent a very disturbing aspect of our society. This song is about accepting ourselves and each other just as we are.
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Produced by: Tomo Vranjes
Posted: Mar. 25, 2015