" Ministrony Soup " exhibit at The Ministry of Casual Living

Peter Allen
Brendan Bennett
Ray Chen
Ty Danylchuk
Tessa Fenger
Liam Hanna Lloyd
Cody Haight
Conlan Killeen
Jonatan Kjāllquist
Justin Moose
Leah Mousseau
Luis Enrique Oliver
Ben Raymer
Nicholas Robins
Shawn Shepherd
Bryan Skjersven
Morgana Wallace
Erik Volet

Curated by Cameron Kidd
Categories: Interview
In this Video Artist(s) Peter Allen, Leah Mousseau, Luis Enrique Oliver, Ben Raymer, Nicholas Robins, Shawn Shepherd , Bryan Skjersven, Morgana Wallace , Erik Volet, Justin Moose, Jonatan Kjāllquist, Brendan Bennett, Ray Chen, Ty Danylchuk, Tessa Fenger, Liam Hanna Lloyd, Cody Haight, Conlan Killeen, Cameron Kidd Resource(s): The Ministry of Casual Living

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Produced by: Exhibit-v
Posted: Nov. 26, 2015