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Thu. January 17th 2013
The Upstairs Cabaret (No Minors)
Teaganbear Kelk

Teaganbear Kelk

Unknown - Confirmed: Jan. 16, 2013 (Awaiting Update)
Age: 23 (estimated)

Electronic from Victoria BC
Instruments: Turntables, Knobs and Dials, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Vocals details

Contact Details

Teagan Kelk

Teaganbear (a.k.a Teagan Kelk) is an 18-year-old electro house / dubstep producer and DJ from Victoria, BC. He got his name from one of his best bros, Andrew Li, who made up the nickname through true inspiration given to him from the skies above. To him, the name signifies humility, friendship, love, honesty, authenticity, and many hilarious times. If you try to convince him that he should have kept his old name (DJ T-Flex), he will likely tell you that the name "T-Flex" sounded too arrogant and douchey, and he would rather be "but a humble bear."

Teaganbear used to hate all electronic music, viewing it as "too easy and poppy." He preferred artists that made so-called "real" music, using acoustic instruments. This attitude was shattered in late 2010. As fate would have it, he was enjoying Radiohead very much and their albums "Amnesiac", "Kid A", and "Hail to the Thief" brought him newfound respect and love for electronic music. Also, suddenly all of his friends were craving this magical new drug called DUBSTEP. The huge bombtrack called "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" by Skrillex was the gateway drug to dubstep for the Teaganbear.

Since he had always thought that making electronic music was easier than making "real" music, he tried his hand at making some of his own in December 2010. He was surprised that there were no dubstep remixes of the amazing music in Super Mario RPG, so he decided his first track would be called "Bowser Dubstep," a fancy dubstep/electro-house remix of the Bowser Fight music in Super Mario RPG. He then discovered that it was much more difficult and frustrating to try and get a computer to make the sounds you want it to than writing a song on his guitar. He decided to commit much of his time to figuring out how to make this crazy new type of music.

Teaganbear proceeded to make many more electronic music tracks, such as:

- "Jamie's Nerdrage" (a song featuring his bro Jamie saying very angry unpleasant things on the mic)
- "Radiance" (a remix of music from Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn)
- "Levels of Dynamite" (a mashup of Avicii - Levels and Taio Cruz - Dynamite)
- "Somebody to Love Remix" (a remix of Justin Bieber & Usher's track)
- "Lost Remix" (a remix of music and some memorable quotes from the show Lost)
- "Planet Pluto" (an original mix for the Rankin Audio Competition)
- "Get Stoked" (an original mix)

...and there are of course many more to come. Teaganbear knows how thin his chances of ever making a living off his music are, just because there are so many other artists trying to do the same. He will still make music just for the fun of it, because he believes music is an amazing art, not a commodity.

Teaganbear loves you and hopes you love him too. Have a good day.

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Get Stoked (Original Mix)
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Listing last updated/confirmed Jan. 16, 2013