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Event Archive - Bif Naked, Jonathan Roy

Wed. May 11th 2016 Alix Goolden Performance Hall (All Ages)
8:00 - 11:00 doors at 7:00
Presented by: ROGUE PLANET
An Intimate Evening with BIF NAKED.

Bif Naked will play songs and discuss life events featured in her new autobiography "I Bifficus - A Memoir". This will be an up-close-and-personal with one of Canada's best-known rock stars.

More details to follow in a few days.

Tickets on sale:

Limited physical tickets will be available at Lyle's Place and at Alix Goolden Hall/Victoria Conservatory of Music

Order Bif's Memoirs on Amazon today!

** JUST ADDED : Opening act will be Quebec native JONATHAN ROY
Bif Naked bio:

International Recording Artist. 10 albums. 20 years.

Bif Naked is a celebrated and diverse artist and writer who is known for sliding easily between her punk roots, to rock, pop, alternative, and contemporary genres of music. Known for her inimitable live shows,

Naked has said, "Performance is my passion, my raison d'etre in life. I owe it to myself and my beautiful fans to keep evolving and pushing the boundaries, to keep challenging myself." With this mantra, she is embarking on new works: a book of memoirs, poetry, her paintings and art, and of course- new music.

Her previous albums, which include the self-titled, "Bif Naked", Platinum-selling "I',Bificus", "Purge", "Superbeautifulmonster" (which both achieved Gold status), are all noted for their introspective, powerful, and infectious hits, including "Spaceman" (from "I, Bificus") which made Canadian history with its #1 position on National charts, and #2 on Billboard's International Charts making it the highest-spun independant song in Canadian history.

Bif Naked's legendary shows kept her on tour internationally, with relentless performing throughout North America, the UK and Europe. Bif was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2008, and claims "Cancer was the only reason I would ever get off the road. It remains my only vacation from stage. "

Naked insisted on working, throughout her 13-month journey through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, and wrote and recorded "The Promise" album.
"My head was so bald the headphones kept slipping off in the studio. I was very sick but my songs were what kept me going. I had to create and share, as a way of getting through my cancer. It was how I survived." Naked says.

Bif Naked returned to touring, while still in treatment, and continues to take her music and live show to hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, captivating and inspiring her fans.

Naked has become a cancer care advocate, and speaks internationally at conferences and universities, in-between performances.

"I love speaking and I love all of the patients and families I am privileged to meet and work with. I believe in the power people have through compassion and effort. I am in love with my life, now more than ever."

Naked has written her memoirs, a combination of collected essays and tales from her 20year touring history. Her book will be released in April, 2016 on Harper Collins. Also a visual artist, cartoonist and painter, and celebrated photographer, Naked is including a retrospective of her art.

"There are so many stories, I think it will take years to complete the work of collecting them. It sometimes seems like it will wind-up being a posthumous result. Plus, my life continues to spawn many more layers of unfolding drama," Naked laughs. "the book will definitely be juicy, visually and with my words."

From her beginnings as an orphan in India, to celebrated performing artist, and breast cancer survivor, Bif Naked remains innovative, revolutionary, and inspiring.

"My fans are everything to me, and I would not be here without them. This is for them."


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Bif Naked (Rock)

Canada's Bif Naked looks like a cross between Cleopatra and Joan Jett, and sounds like a cross between No Doubt - and Joan Jett. Born in India, Bif spent years playing in hardcore punk bands and indulging in excessive rock 'n' roll. Now she's cleaned up her act (notice the 'x' marks on her hands), but she obviously hasn't forgotten her hardcore roo... more info