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Thu. January 21st 2010 Logan's Pub (No Minors)
10PM - 1AM doors at 9PM
Presented by: Talk's Cheap Records
Facebook Event here:

THE MYELIN SHEATHS - 2 Dudes and 2 chicks from Lethbridge, AB...hitting the west coast to flog their two brand new 7 inchers, and play some killer garage-pop slop for Victoria hipsters and shithead punks. I'l say this...I'm more excited to see the Sheaths play than I have been to see any band that's played Victoria over the past 4 months...this should be good.

Listen to 'em here...

Read about 'em here...

THE MOBY DICKS - are a Lethbridge three piece (bass/guitar and two super shitty tom drums duct taped together) featuring two current members of Myelin Sheaths and two past members of Endangered Ape(RIP). Their recently released 7 incher on Mammoth Cave is a great slab of retarded punk...and I can't wait to see these guys live too!

Listen to 'em here:

Some people said this stuff about 'em...
Young, loud and snotty punk rock that should get fans of the Oblivians and early Dirtbombs all jazzed. They’ve got a 30-second blaster called “Fuck Off Baby,” what more do ya want? 8/10 (Johnson Cummins // Montreal Mirror, October 29 2009)
Something special is happening in Lethbridge, AB. The college town has never been known for creative output, but a select group are changing that. From the ashes of the band Endangered Ape comes Myelin Sheaths, a science themed garage quartet, and Moby Dicks, who play minimalist, soulful power-pop. "Ballad of the Red Dog" is the A-side from their brand new seven-inch, released on their own Mammoth Cave Recordings. The song is an ode to the Red Dog Diner, a Lethbridge eatery that, when open, boasts cheap hot dogs and 14 flavours of poutine. The song is simple in structure, but endlessly catchy. Get the seven-inch, and put this on a mixtape between King Khan & BBQ Show and Nobunny. (Josiah Hughes // Exclaim, November, 2009)
Another brilliance piece of post-existence garage-punk from Lethbridge, Alberta, released on the soon-to-be-legendary Mammoth Cave Recordings. label. The Moby Dicks’ debute CDR is liquor-store garage-punk-revival filtered through ashtrays and pissy stair-wells; it’s puzzling, adventurous and full of Paul’s weirdly flavored recording MSG. Who is Paul? On top of being the leading member of now-defunct Endangered Ape and producer for about-to-blow-up The Myelin Sheaths, Paul is the cold glue keeping Lethbridge a veritable force in Canada’s what-the-hell-is-this? landscape. Paul’s recording techniques are paramount in separating The Moby Dicks’ debut form derivative garage-punk. Through the Mammoth Cave studios the songs transcend their late-60s roots and firmly entrench themselves in the whirlwind of hell that is the modern Terminal Boredom palette. Buy the CDR before it’s extinct. (Aaron Levin // Weird Canada, August 2009)

LOS TYCOONS - Old faves from nanaimo play a rare show in Victoria...high energy, probably already know the scoop with these guys...if not check 'em out here...

NEW KRIME - One man, future punk crap from Victoria...booked occasionally, but rarely plays. Start a band so I can book something better than this to open for out of town bands!

the New Krime (Punk)

One machine...both playing shitty punk tunes. more info
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