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Event Archive - I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe:

Sat. October 27th 2007 The Craigdarroch Castle (All Ages)
8:00 pm - 9:20 pm doors at 7:50 pm
Tickets at: The Craigdarroch Castle, 592-5323
Edgar Allan Poe Alive and Well and Living in Craigdarroch Castle!

This Halloween season Giggling Iguana Productions again haunts the halls of Craigdarroch Castle. Over the past seven years, Iguana has presented sold out hits with two site specific stage adaptations of classic literature, Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher" and H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds". This year, Iguana is presenting a multi-character adaptation of Dawson Nichols' Fringe Festival smash, "I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe" which had a successful run last October and returns for a second run starting October 18 and runs right through to Halloween.

Producers, Ian Case and Michael Delamont received Nichols' permission to meld his much loved solo show and his multi-voice NPR Radio adaptation of the story. "I loved the script and wanted to do it as a solo show a few years back but the project didn't gelled until last year," says Delamont. "When both Mike and I knew we wanted to do this show. Iguana needed a new Halloween project. It seemed a perfect fit," adds Case. Last year's production was a perfect fit with both audiences and critics, and because audiences were turned away from sold our shows in the final week the production is returning for another run.

In the tradition of "The Fall of the House of Usher" and "The War of the Worlds", "I Might be Edgar Allan Poe" invites audiences to experience the story of the play using the grounds and interior of Craigdarroch Castle as the backdrop and setting. Audiences are guided through both the Castle’s interiors and ground to experience each scene of the play as it unfolds in front, around and through them. The audience becomes an integral part of the play as characters move around and through the crowd. That Craigdarroch Castle should stand in as the setting for mental institution is reminiscent of its history - it served as a veterans hospital during and after the first world war.

"I Might be Edgar Allan Poe" tells the story of Joseph, a young man in a mental institution. Early in the play he discovers Edgar Allan Poe and begins to read the works of the American father of horror fiction voraciously. He soon comes to believe that he might be Poe reincarnated. At the same time, he is treated for his emotional disorder by a young and inexperienced therapist, Doctor Fuco. Why is Joseph in the institution and why is he so convinced that he might be Edgar Allan Poe? As he delves deeper and deeper into Poe's works and as his treatment progresses we start to get an inkling of why he might be in the institution and why he is so obsessed with death.

"I Might be Edgar Allan Poe" is surprisingly funny, sometimes spooky, and sincerely touching. It features the acting talents of David Radford, Christina Patterson, Tim Sutherland and Michael Delamont. Radford plays the haunted Joseph while Patterson takes on the role of Dr. Fuco. Sutherland and Delamont round out the cast playing doctors, nurses, patients and various characters created in the mind of Joseph. The play is directed by Tim Sutherland with assistance from Iguana founder Ian Case.

Tickets are $18 plus GST general admission and $16 plus GST for Castle Members. Tickets must be purchased in advance and can be purchased by phone at (250) 592-5323. Performance dates and times are:

Oct. 18, 19, 20 & 21 at 8pm
Oct. 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28 at 8pm
and, October 31 at 9pm

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a seated performance. Craigdarroch Castle is a historic house museum so there are 87 stairs without ramps or elevator - it is not wheelchair accessible.

For more information visit or phone 592-5323.


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