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Past Shows

Fri. May 7th 2004
@  The Arts Guild Charlottetown Prince Edward Is (All Ages)
Lythic Blue, the Delegates, Chamberlane, The Ditchpigs, Lifexten, 30 Watt Roger
Mon. December 22nd 2003
Lucky Bar (No Minors)
One Drop, the Delegates
Fri. December 19th 2003
The Cambie Nanaimo Nanaimo BC (No Minors)
Montreal & local Punk Rockers the Delegates, Who Shot Marvin
Thu. December 18th 2003
The Former Cobalt Vancouver BC (No Minors)
punk rock bingo The Worst, the Delegates, klefty
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the Delegates

ska punk from Montreal Quebec
Broken Up - Confirmed: Nov. 25, 2010 (Archived)

Contact Details
The Delegates burst onto the Montreal scene in late 1999 with an explosive mix of punk, ska, and nitroglycerine. However, we later opted for a more chemically stable mix of punk and ska, after an unfortunate incident where our drummer and explosives expert Karim lost all his once-proliferate chest/pubic hair. Lacking a bass player, we taught Asch to play bass in two months, a feat previously thought possible only by highly trained apes (it still is).

It was about this time that we discovered the roadie-in-a-suitcase Sean Jain. We would carry him to shows in a suitcase and he would pop out when it was time to setup and dismantle, and occasionally to sing Cheech and Chong songs. We were very sad when we found out he had to leave for Calgary at the end of the year. Then, we were happy because les Canadiens scored a goal in third period. Then we were sad again.

In March 2000, we recorded our first CD. Then, in May 2000, we played a short tour of Quebec and eastern Ontario. Later that summer, we also played Warped tour. Through the rest of the year, the Delegates somehow managed to acheive a small but loyal fan base. Some credit Eric's powers of Tibetan mass hypnosis, thinly disguised as "guitar solos". We also managed to acheive a slightly larger, disloyal anti-fan base, led by our new merchman Jamie Killmartin. Some attribute this to us sucking.

Chapter II

"Ever since I was young, I had a dream, and in that dream I realized that I had gone to school in only my underwear. Now that dream has finally come true." -Slammy

Sometime towards the end of 2000 Menno, while heading to his "coping with abusive relationships with drummers" support group, came upon a stray trombone player in the Concordia music department. We took a vote and decided to call him Josh, and offered him a position in the band, which he accepted.

Throughout the following months, we played several shows in Montreal and Ottawa, and, headquartered at 412 P.A., we worked on integrating the sound of the second trombone, writing new tunes, and improving existing tunes. In July 2001 we played two shows in New Hampshire and Vermont, our first shows in America. Since then, we have been playing more shows and expanding our repertoire.

What's in store for the Delegates in the future? What the fuck do I know? Why don't you come to one of our shows and find out.

Hey its been a while since we added to this so we actually know some more stuff about the future (now the past). We stayed indoors for about six months getting pasty and driving Jamie further into the depths of insanity. (he drew some pretty pictures from his trip though) We leaned a bunch of new songs and then Eric got the stomach ejections virus. Then we got on a plane to LA. Then Menno got the stomach ejection virus.
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Status: Broken Up
- Last confirmed Nov. 25, 2010