Bands Seeking Musicians

Bands are listed so that the bands that have updated their status most recently are at the top.

Recently Confirmed Artists

    the auricle (Rock, Avant-guard, Post-Rock)
    Fools Blue (Modern Rock)
    Skanky Crackdown (Ska)
    The Perseids (Folk Punk)
    L.I.D. (party til you get your puke on punk)
    Apotheosis (Progressive Metal)
    Special agent sunshine (rock awesome)
    Redwood (Classic Rock 60s - 80s)
    without a name, as of now (up tempo alt rock)
    Jazzin' With U-JAM (jazz standards)
    Those Kids Are Up To No Good (Post-Rock/Metal)
    The Taylor Caspersen Project (Acoustic Bluesrock Fusion)
    Pledge of Arrogance (heavy Music)
    Freefall (Classic Rock)

Artists Who Have Not Confirmed in the Last 9 Months

    Tough Mitts (Synthpop)
    (Do Not Have A Name Yet) (All Original Band)
    Wavescaper (Hard Surf Rock)
    The Batnix (punk / deathrock)