Bands Seeking Musicians

Bands are listed so that the bands that have updated their status most recently are at the top.

Recently Confirmed Artists

    Super Battle Droid (Indie / Post-rock)
    The King's Men (Elvis/50s-60s Rock/Rockabilly)
    Looks Like Rain (Metalcore/Pop-Punk)
    Crimes Against Sheep (Fusion)
    Tip The Scales (Progressive, Djent, Melodic Death)
    The J-Tones (Jazz, Blues, Latin, Pop)
    Moodswings Orchestra (Swing music from the 20s-50s)
    OF THE (SIC) (metal)
    Hazen Sage (World Gypsy Rock)
    Skanky Crackdown (Ska)
    The Gettin' Higher Choir (Choral/Spirit/Life Enhancement)
    Amortals (New Wave/ Rock)
    El Wehda Ensemble (Middle Eastern)
    hindrance (electronic cyber punk metal)
    MACHINIST (Industrial Rocktronic)
    Terminal Sequence (brutal death metal)
    the auricle (Rock, Avant-guard, Post-Rock)

Artists Who Have Not Confirmed in the Last 9 Months

    type 0 tribute, no band name yet
    L.I.D. (party til you get your puke on punk)