Bands Seeking Musicians

Bands are listed so that the bands that have updated their status most recently are at the top.

Recently Confirmed Artists

    The Alpine Club
    L.I.D. (party til you get your puke on punk)
    Moodswings Orchestra (Swing music from the 20s-50s)
    Dark Fury (Thrash Metal or Hard Rock)
    Noble Wolves (Alternative Rock)
    Automatic Planet (Rock/Modern Rock/Alternative)
    Jym & Ben (acoustic indie punk rock)
    The Helletones (PsychoRock)
    Skanky Crackdown (Ska)
    The Auricle (Alternative Post-Rock)
    Travis Tambone (Alternative Post-Rock)
    fearlessleader. (post-everything)
    Looks Like Rain (Metalcore/Pop-Punk)
    Crimes Against Sheep (Fusion)
    Tip The Scales (Progressive, Djent, Melodic Death)

Artists Who Have Not Confirmed in the Last 9 Months

    OF THE (SIC) (metal)
    Hazen Sage (World Gypsy Rock)
    The Gettin' Higher Choir (Choral/Spirit/Life Enhancement)