Interview with RMRM done in October, 2012 by D'Arcy Briggs

Ska Fest: So first off, RMRM have become known as one of the region's best ska, reggae, and party bands. What were some of the original ideas behind the group and how would you compare it with where you are now?
RMRM: Our honest to god ideas were "Hey, let's play all the music that we all love, all at the same time and if no one else likes it, at least we will!" And what you hear, is what came out! We try to have a bigger party on stage than the one in the crowd. It's just too bad that the crowd doesn't fit on stage!  
Ska Fest: That definitely shows. Would you say that making sure to do what you do with a positive attitude has been the key to your success?
RMRM: We definitely try to keep it F.U.N. first and foremost... That stands for, um... 'Fun', 'Unruly', and 'Neverplayanythingwedon'twannaplay'... I just made that up.
Ska Fest: Congrats...You recently completed an amazing tour and played some high-caliber shows. Why not share a little of what that was like - you know, lessons learned, how much fun the road is, etc.
RMRM: something like this... Egg chairs, AGWA, dogpiles, second slot encores, an 863 kilometer drive in 37 degree heat, ACDC, waterslide break-ins, hotspring break ins, roadside corn, fairy blessings, Doja, Friendlyness and the human rights, Third Branch, Giraffe Aftermath, the funk hunters. Aurora Jane, Quoia and a dancefloor bouncing so hard it rattled the drinks at the bar. The 2012 summer tour is over! What a beautiful experience, We loved celebrating the counter-culture with real people in every city we played! Shambhala was a huge highlight for us as well as the Calgary Reggae Fest. The road is always fun for us because it's like 9 best-buds going on vacation together. It's not really ever like work because the music is so much fun. Sure we have long drives and deadlines sometimes, but we make it happen and since every night ends with either playing music or getting to see another amazing band, we gladly keep on doing it. Getting to play bigger and better shows is just an added bonus! 
Ska Fest: You guys have got a show coming up with Kyprious and The Chaperones. What sort party can people be expecting?
RMRM: Imagine a wonder emporium complete with everything you ever wanted to be, see, hear, touch, feel, smell mixed with everything positive emotion you've ever felt in your life... and then put a costume on it. Something like that!
Ska Fest: Any other shows coming up that you want people to know about? What does the future hold for RMRM?
RMRM: Well, we're going into the studio in November to record a 'live off the floor' studio album complete with filmed documentary to tantalize your auditory AND ocular senses. Posted: Oct 31, 2012
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